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How To Wear A Headband

One Headband. Four Styles.

You might be like me and wear a headband almost daily, or you might be like a lot of other people who "don't know how to wear one" or think you "can't pull them off." I am here to show that you can, because telling you isn't enough!

First of all, anyone can wear anything. We have to ditch this notion that some things aren't meant for us. It's about how you feel in what you're wearing. Right now, as I write this, my hair absolutely needs to be washed but in order to avoid the two hour process that is washing and styling, I thought I would throw on this headband. When I wear a headband, I feel immediately more put together. So here are FOUR styles to wear with the new Coffee Collection Tied Knot Headband!

1. Hair Down


2. Low Pony


3. High Pony


4. Top Knot


I hope the visuals with the same headband give you some inspo for your next outfit. (Tag @heavyheadco in your headbands!) If you haven't already, follow @heavyheadco on Instagram, TikTok, and facebook. I am always posting photos and videos as a fun way to interact with all of you!

xoxo Jac