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Better Than a Bandana

Here's a twist. Get rid of the crunchy, flimsy cotton bandana, seriously. I knew EXACTLY what I wanted to do to get rid of mine. Replace it with something better than a bandana. The White Paisley Tie Knot Headband. It's made of polyester spandex for extra softness, stretch, and a secure fit. I don't know about ya'll, but I was tired of my bandanas slipping off, feeling stiff and getting wrinkly in the washing machine.  Here are THREE totally different ways you can wear it! Who knew a headband could be so versatile? One of them is on a hat... The classic headband style. 2. Around your neck. 3. Around your hat! Because it's so stretchy, it will fit almost any hat....

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"Boho Style" Velvet Twist Headband

If you love wearing a beanie or a dad hat (and headbands), this look is for you too.  This is by far one of my favorite ways to wear a headband, especially a thick cozy headband made from shiny, soft velvet. It's such a bold, timeless, retro way to wear it. I'll show you using the Bluebird. (So will Sharon Tate.) Style your hair like you normally would to wear it down. I like to put some waves in my hair, then slide the headband over your hair with the twist covering your hairline making sure your hair in the front comes forward covering your ears. Viola! It's giving a modern but 1968 Sharon Tate vibe. Heavy Head has multiple colors...

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